Different types of online slot

Different types of online slots


Radiant Star Casino wants to give you the best choice of games possible and offers over 1,900 different Slot games. But that choice can sometimes be a little bewildering for new players.

Software providers are always looking for new ways to keep you entertained and the choice of online slots is constantly increasing.

In this article, we look at the differences between the two most popular types of Slots – the classic 3 Reels and exciting 5 Reels, with Special features, Bonus rounds and Multiple pay lines. We’ll explain the features and attraction of each type and recommend a list of five of the best of each type – the five best 3 Reel slots and the five best 5 Reel slots.


3 Reel Slots

3 reel slots explained

3 Reel slots are based on the classic, original Fruit Machine games found in amusement arcades and land-based casinos around the world.

3 Reel slots are easy to understand and play – a window shows three columns and three rows of symbols. The reels spin vertically, and the symbols drop into place from left to right.

The middle row of the three is known as the pay line, and this is where the wins will come from.

You place your bet, click Spin and the reels start to turn. When the reels stop spinning, if the symbols on the middle row (the pay line) match up to any winning combination from the pay table, you win the amount stated.

3 reel slots are a quick and simple introduction to the world of online slots and need very little planning or thought. Even if you eventually move on to the more complex world of 5 reel slots, you’ll find yourself returning often to 3 reel games as a form of familiar relaxation!


The best 3 reel slots to play at Radiant Star Casino


7s on Fire

7s on Fire 3 Reel Slot

7s on Fire slot is a perfect example of a simple, straightforward 3 Reel slot. Designed by SG Digital / Barcrest as a classic 3x3 fruit machine, 7s on Fire will have you spinning the wheels in no time! There are just five pay lines to keep your eyes on (all shown on the Help section) and the payouts range from 4x your stake to a huge 125x for three Flaming 7s.

Flaming 7s are the Wild symbol and double for any other symbol on a pay line – e.g., get two Stars and a Flaming 7 on a pay line and you’ll win 20 times your bet!

The Return To Player (RTP) is 95.1% and 7s on Fire is considered a High Volatility slot.

Play 7s on Fire now!


Lightning Joker

Lightning Joker 3 Reel Slot

Lightning Joker from Yggdrasil is a perfect slot if you’re looking to bridge the gap between the simplicity of 3 Reels and the more complex gameplay of 5 Reels.

Although still a simple game to play, Lightning Joker packs in loads of features that you normally only find in 5 Reel Video Slots, including Rapid Respins, Multiplier Strike and Mystery Win features.

Rapid Respins give you another chance to win on a losing spin, Multiplier Strikes can magnify your win by a factor of 2, 3, 5 or even 10, but the outstanding feature of Lightning Joker is the Mystery Win where a winning spin of three Jokers could give you a pay out of up to an incredible 10,000 times your bet!

Return to Player is a decent 96.3%.

Play Lightning Joker now!


Super Burning Wins: Respin

Super Burning Wins Respin 3 Reel Slot

The original Super Burning Wins is a relatively straightforward 3 Reel slot which lots of players enjoy, due to its crystal clear 3d fruit symbols and easy gameplay.

But developers Playson saw an opportunity to make the game much more exciting and introduced the Respin feature. Respin is triggered on a non-winning spin where two reels are filled with the same symbol. During the Respin, the two filled wheels stick in place and the third reel spins, giving you a second chance to win!

There’s also a Multiplier feature where spinning nine identical symbols doubles your win. Payouts range from 1x your bet for three ‘X’ symbols right up to 150x for three Triple 7s.

Return to Player is 96%.

Play Super Burning Wins Respin now!


Triple Jokers

Triple Jokers 3 Reel Slot

In this imaginative slot from Pragmatic Play, the Jokers of the title really are the star of the show!

When you get Triple Jokers on any reel, they trigger a fantastic bonus Respin Until You Win feature, where you’re literally guaranteed to win! The Jokers stay in place and turn Wild (substitute for any other symbol), and the other reels keep spinning until you hit a winning combination. Great fun to watch, knowing you’re going to win no matter what!

Triple Jokers is considered a High Volatility slot, meaning wins happen less often, but are bigger when they come in!

Return to Player is 96.47%.

Play Triple Jokers now!


Wild Burning Wins: 5 Lines

Play Wild Burning Wins: 5 lines 3 Reel Slot

Wild Burning Wins comes from the same Playson stable as Super Burning Wins and share the same sparkling graphics and easy gameplay. As with Super Burning Wins: Respin, a non-winning spin where two reels are filled with the same symbols triggers a Respin where the two filled wheels stick in place and the third reel spins, giving you another chance to win.

But in Wild Burning Wins, Playson take it a step further with the introduction of the Bonus Wheel. Get identical symbols on all reels and a Wheel of Fortune style wheel pops up, giving you the chance to multiply your win by a factor of 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 10.

If you like Super Burning Wins, you’ll enjoy this slot just as much!

Return to Player is 96.3%.

Play Wild Burning Wins: 5 lines now!



5 Reel slots

5 reel slots explained

Aimed at more experienced players, or those who want a more immersive form of entertainment, 5 Reel slots (Video slots) pack in many more bonuses and features than 3 Reels can.

Rather than just one or five pay lines like 3 Reel slots, 5 Reels can have up to 100! This gives you the possibility of winning on many more combinations on each spin. You can often choose how many lines to play, giving you even more control over the game.

Because of the extra reels and the multiple pay lines, the pay tables are far more detailed. Although these can seem a little daunting at first, if you’re ever confused, the games at Radiant Star all allow you to view the pay tables separately to the game.

Betting on 5 reel slots becomes more complex but it only needs a bit of simple maths to keep track of your bets! As you're betting on each pay line, your total bet will be equal to the bet size multiplied by the number of lines e.g., a 0.10 stake will cost £5 per spin if you choose all 50 lines. As mentioned above, you’re in control of the bet size and (in some cases) the number of lines, so you can limit the overall bet to stay inside your personal bet limits.


The best 5 reel slots to play at Radiant Star Casino


Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer 5 Reel Slot

Jack Hammer (or to give it its full title ‘Jack Hammer vs Evil Dr Wüten’!) is a fun, enjoyable slot from Net Ent based on a cartoon strip - perfect for those looking to play a slot with lots of action. With striking comic book graphics, a 50s Jazz soundtrack and a slick gameplay, Jack Hammer is an easy introduction to multi-line 5 reel slots. It has 25 pay lines, and you can choose a bet size between 25p and £5.

The main feature is the Sticky Win respin that’s triggered whenever a win occurs on the reels. The reels with winning symbols are held and the other reels keep spinning until you lose. This happens often and can result in sizeable wins. Add in wild symbols, multipliers and extra and you have the perfect recipe for a Low Volatility slot – lots of small, frequent wins!

Return to Player is an excellent 97%

Play Jack Hammer now!


Secret of the Stones

Secret of the Stones 5 Reel Slot

Secret of the Stones is another great slot from Net Ent. With a Celtic symbol theme, it feels very solid and straightforward. But looks can be deceiving, as this can be a frustrating slot! Although classed as Medium Volatility, it borders on High, as triggering its extra spins can be a challenge that would test the patience of a Druid Priestess!

It has a fair number of varying wins, and they’re what define it as a Medium Volatility slot, but your focus when playing would be to trigger the extra spins feature, as that’s where you’ll find the bonus features such as stacked wilds, multipliers, and additional spins.

Although this is probably not a slot for Low Volatility fans who need the frequent wins to stay in the game, it’s definitely one to investigate if you’re looking to ramp up your slots play.

Return to Player is 96.7%

Play Secret of the Stones now!


Gonzo's Quest

Gonzo's Quest slot

Along with Starburst, NetEnt's Gonzo’s Quest is probably one of the best known and most loved slots. It has an engaging theme where the Gonzo of the title is a Spanish adventurer on a quest to raid Inca treasure. Its popularity come from the fact that it can return some excellent results.

Like Secret of the Stones, it sits somewhere between Medium and High Volatility which means the larger wins are tough to come by, but it also includes many smaller wins. Triggering its main feature, the Avalanche Multiplier, requires patience, but once active, the results can lead to impressive wins.

Again, probably not the first choice if you like the frequent wins of Low Volatility slots, but definitely worth playing if you’re ready to become more adventurous on your Slots Quest!

Return to Player is 96%

Play Gonzo's Quest now!


Full Moon Fortunes

Full Moon Fortunes 5 Reel Slot

Full Moon Fortunes is a Low Volatility slot that makes a perfect introduction for newcomers to 5 Reels as it provides lots of win opportunities - ideal for those with reduced budgets or limited patience!

Its werewolf themed graphics and animated effects are a nice touch, and with wild symbols, multipliers, and extra spins, it offers an entertaining experience.

Two bonus rounds add to the excitement! The Full Moon Bonus is triggered when you get a Full Moon symbol on Reel 5 - Dr Blackwood turns into an increasingly wild werewolf, acting as a Scatter symbol that substitutes for all other symbols and multiplying wins by up to 5 times. Get three or more Gravestone symbols on a spin and you’ll enter the Night of the Full Moon bonus round, where you can multiply your wins by a factor of 25!

Return to Player is a slightly low 94.02%, but it’s the gameplay that matters here!

Play Full Moon Fortunes now!


Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive 5 Reel Slot

Dead or Alive is another NetEnt slot, with the usual look and feel of that provider’s games. This one has an engaging Wild West theme, complete with Wanted poster, sheriffs’ badges and Spaghetti Western whistling background sounds! Although a bit of a cult classic in the online slots world, Dead or Alive needs treating with caution. Like a newcomer in town sitting down at the Poker table, if you’re not careful this game can very quickly clear out your bankroll.

Definitely a High Volatility slot, most wins will be small, but it keeps you hooked with the prospect of triggering the Free Spins bonus feature – get three Guns symbols anywhere on the reels and your prize can be anywhere up to 2,500 your bet!

With 9 pay lines available, bet size can range from 9p to £18 a spin. If you keep your wits about you, Dead or Alvie can be an excellent choice for both new and experienced 5 Reel slots players.

Return to Player is an excellent 96.82%

Play Dead or Alive now!