Slingo games - how to play

Slingo games strategy

What is Slingo?

Imagine a game which combines the best of 75 ball Bingo and your favourite Slots - that's Slingo, a cross between Slots and Bingo!

If you haven't played Slingo games, you're really missing out! We have a great choice of Slingo games at Radiant Star Casino and have listed our favourites at the foot of this page.

All Slingo games share the same basic idea of trying to fill a 5x5 grid with symbols. Each line of five you complete (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) gives you a Slingo. In total, each grid can give you up to twelve Slingos per game - the more you get, the higher the payout!


Playing Slingo

There are three basic aspects to bear in mind when playing Slingo:

  • A. Game choice
  • B. Using Jokers / Wilds
  • C. Buying Extra Spins


A. Game choice

There are dozens of Slingo games to choose from. Some feel more like traditional Bingo games, others are based on specific Slots to give you the best of both worlds!

When choosing your game, always take into consideration aspects like volatility and Return To Player (RTP). Also, the number of 'baseline' spins you’re given, the range of bet sizes and the potential maximum payout. All of these should be factors you should consider when you choose which game to play.

We list these factors in our choice of the best Slingo games at the bottom of the page. If you choose to play a different Slingo game, make sure you check out the RTP, volatility etc before you start to play - although it may be based on a favourite Slot or TV show, if the payouts aren't favourable, it's probably best to try something different.


B. Using Jokers / Wilds

Whichever game you choose to play, the excitement in Slingo games happens when you get a Joker / Wild symbol and can choose which square to fill. Sometimes the choice is obvious, other times not.

Here's how to prioritise your choice of square:

  1. If the square completes a Slingo
  2. Based on the Priority Grid
  3. If the square can give you more in a row


1. If the square completes a Slingo

This is pretty obvious, and doesn't need much further explanation - if a square completes a five-in-a-row Slingo, choose it!


2. Based on the 'priority' grid

Each square in the Slingo grid can complete a number of vertical, horizontal or diagonal rows, from two to four. If you have a choice of squares, you should generally base your choice on the number of rows it can help complete.

Here's our visualisation of the Priority Grid - if possible, choose 4 (the centre square). If not, choose a 3.

How to choose squares in Slingo games


3. If the square gives you more squares in a row

The Priority Grid is your basic reference guide to choosing squares, but sometimes you'll be given a slightly more confusing choice where, for example, the Priority Grid suggests a 3 but you could get more squares in a row by choosing a 2.


Example 1

Slingo grid

In this example you could choose 33 or 44, both of which are rated as Priority 2. In terms of the Vertical line, both numbers give you four in a row. But 44 gives you three in the top horizontal row, whereas 33 would only give you 2 in the bottom row.

In this case, you'd choose 44.


Example 2

Slingo grid choice

In this example, 66 and 68 both give you four in the vertical line, but both could give three in another line - 68 in the second horizontal line, 66 in the top left / bottom right diagonal. 

The Priority Grid gives you the answer - although 66 and 68 can both give you lines of three and four symbols, 66 is rated as a 3, whereas 68 is only a 2.

In this case, you'd choose 66.


Example 3

Choosing Slingo squares

This is an example where you'd probably be better going away from the Priority Grid and choosing based on how many squares you can get in a row.

The Priority Grid shows that number 9 is a 3 priority. However, choosing 9 would only give you two rows of three - the bottom horizontal row and the top right / bottom left diagonal row. Choosing 8 would give you a horizontal row of four. Statistically, one row of four is better than two rows of three.

In this case, you'd choose 8.


C. Buying Extra Spins

Once your spins have finished, the game will give you the chance to spin again - for a price. It will present this in the form of:

"You could win 20. Spin again for 0.10"

The offer is obviously designed to tempt you and will always show the best case scenario. But the cost of the extra spins is very precisely calculated and will always favour the casino.

Although buying extra spins may seem tempting, if the first free spin loses, you’ll feel committed and want to keep buying more, putting yourself further into a hole. This is ‘gambling fever’ and very difficult to stop.

It's much better just to be disciplined and stick to a policy of not buying free spins.


Slingo Games

As discussed in the opening paragraph, choosing which games to play is very important as you need to find a balance between enjoyment and winning potential.

The factors to consider in making the following recommendations are:

RTP (Return to Player) - the percentage amount the game pays out in the long term. The closer the number to 100, the better!

Volatility - the frequency that the game pays out, and the size of the payouts (see full article here: Slots Volatility explained)

Number of spins - not all Slingo games offer the same number of basic spins. Most offer 10 or 11 spins, but some only offer 9.

Max win - the maximum amount the game can pay out for a full house, based on your bet size.


Below, we list our top five favourite Slingo games. Although the above factors have been taken into consideration, the main reason for choosing these games is the entertainment value. Quite simply, these are the Slingo games that we return to again and again!

** NB All 'Max win' and bet size figures are subject to change - always check the game before playing.


Slingo Starburst

Slingo Starburst screenshot

RTP - 96.66% **

Volatility - Low

No spins - 10

Max win - 1,500x stake **

Auto spin - Yes

Features - Free Extra spin chances


Starburst is the most popular slot in the world, and for good reason! With Slingo Starburst, you're still getting the great Starburst experience, but with the Slingo twist!

In the Slingo phase of the game, each completed line of squares gains you a better Starburst symbol. Once you've used all ten of your spins, you get chances for Extra Free Spins. These are not the Extra Spins you need to buy (and shouldn't!) but just free chances to get extra spins.

When the Slingo phase finished, you're passed through to the actual Starburst Slot, but you're guaranteed a win based on whatever symbol you achieved in the Slingo phase.

With the usual Starburst graphics, effects and soundtrack, this has a very familiar feel and is a great way to start playing Slingo games!

Play Slingo Starburst now!


Slingo Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Slingo WWTBAM (Who wants to be a Millionaire) screenshot

RTP - 93.00% **

Volatility - Medium

No spins - 9

Max win - 100,000 **

Auto spin - Yes

Features - Biggest potential max payout of any Slingo game


Slingo Who Wants To Be A Millionaire brings the wildly popular TV show into the world of Slingo with an immersive and entertaining game.

In common with all Slingo games, you're trying to fill the 5x5 grid by hitting the numbers contained in each square - just like standard 75 ball Bingo. In WWTBAM, the top and sides of the 5x5 grid have 'Mystery' symbols that are only revealed when you complete a Slingo. These symbols will be familiar to fans of the TV show - 50:50, Ask the Audience, Phone a Friend etc. Get three of the same symbol and you win a prize - three 50:50 symbols wins you five times your stake, three Ask the Audience symbols wins 100x!

You can win up to 10,000 times your stake, with a maximum win of 100,000 if you're playing with a bet size of 10. However, there's a much bigger prize on offer! Get a full house in just seven spins and you'll become the millionaire of the title by winning 1,000,000! This is by far the biggest prize on offer in any Slingo game and rivals the wins you normally only see in Jackpot slots.

There are some aspects of Slingo WWTBAM that slightly go against our guidelines - for example, you only get 9 spins, and the Jokers automatically select squares in the grid, removing the 'strategy' element described above - but if you're a fan of WWTBAM, the overall experience and the chance to win the million prize more than compensate!

Play Slingo WWTBAM now!


Slingo Lucky Streak

Slingo Lucky Streak screenshot

RTP - 96.66% **

Volatility - Medium / High

No spins - Unlimited

Max win - 200x stake **

Auto spin - Yes

Features - Unlimited spins


Slingo Lucky Streak has a very different slant on Slingo games - rather than being given a set number of spins, you can just keep playing until you win, so long as you maintain your Lucky Streak!

You start with two lives and keep spinning as long as you have a life left. If your spin doesn't produce a 'hit' you lose a life, but you gain one back each time you get a number match, up to a maximum of two. So long as you have one or two lives, you keep spinning! On Lucky Streak, you can often get many more spins than the standard 10 or 11.

Each Slingo moves you up the win 'ladder'. Get a Full House and you win 200 times your stake, to a maximum of 40,000 if you're playing with a bet size of 200.

Add in Wilds and Super Wilds and you've got a fantastic twist on a Slingo slot!

Play Slingo Lucky Streak now!


Slingo-ne Fishin'

Slingo-ne Fishin' screenshot

RTP - 95.00% **

Volatility - Medium

No spins - 10

Max win - 200x stake up to 20,000 **

Auto spin - Yes

Features - Wilds, Super Wilds and Free Spins


Slingo-ne Fishin' is an entertaining romp of a game. If you think of fishing as a calm, relaxing experience, this is completely different - more like a storm at sea than a gentle day by the river!

In Slingo-ne Fishin', each Slingo sees the completed row disappear from the grid, to be replaced by a swimming fish of random value. The value of each fish increases with every Slingo completed. If you get the fishing rod symbol on the pre-game slot reel, one of the fish is randomly caught and its prize is awarded. If you're unlucky enough to get a Fishing Rod symbol before you have any swimming fish, you'll still win a consolation prize - Slingo-ne Fishin' is kind like that!

There are Seagull Wilds, Pink Octopus Super Wilds (choose any square on the grid) and Ship's Wheel Free Spins. Prizes range from 5 times your stake for four Slingos, right up to a mammoth 200 times for a Full House. If you're playing with the maximum bet size of 100, the maximum prize is a huge 20,000!

Play Slingo-ne Fishin' now!


Slingo Reveal

Slingo Reveal screenshot

RTP - 95.00% **

Volatility - Medium

No spins - 9

Max win - 10,000x stake **

Auto spin - Yes

Features - Choose bet size from 0.05 to 1


Slingo Reveal is a great way to get into Slingo games. Clear graphics and a quick, easy gameplay give you a real sense of what Slingo games are all about.

As with Slingo WWTBAM, the top and sides of the 5x5 grid have 'Mystery' symbols that are only revealed when you complete each Slingo. The symbols will be revealed as standard Slots symbols - fruit, sevens or BAR. Get three of the same symbol and you win - just like playing a three reel slot! Very simple and easy, but great fun to play.

Like WWTBAM, there are some aspects of Slingo Reveal that go slightly against our guidelines - for example, you only get 9 spins, and the Jokers automatically select squares in the grid - but the overall entertainment and enjoyment more than overcome these.

Play Slingo Reveal now!