How to choose your perfect slot

Playing Slots is great entertainment and unlike games such as Blackjack and Baccarat, there’s no need to learn complex rules or gambling strategies. Slots are based purely on chance, and that’s what makes them exciting – watching the reels fall into place and clock up the winning combinations!

But there ARE some variables you can use when playing Slots, especially when it comes to choosing the games you play!

The two most important variables in terms of slot selection are Return to Player and slot volatility.


Return to Player is a way to determine how likely you are to win on a game, overall.

Slot volatility is a way to determine how often and how much a video slot will pay out.


Return to Player (RTP)

Every casino game has an 'edge', a small advantage that guarantees the casino profits in the long term, but still allows players plenty of chances to win.

In other games, like Blackjack and Roulette, it's known as the 'House Edge', but for Slots, it's shown as Return to Player. RTP is a percentage figure that gives you a quick way to see how likely you are to win - the closer to 100% the better! Most Slots fall somewhere between 94 and 98%.

You can see the RTPs for games at Radiant Star here: Average RTPs.


Slot volatility

All Slots games fall into one of three categories - low, medium and high volatility.

Low volatility slots provide players with frequent wins, but the wins are generally on the smaller side.

High volatility slots award large wins, but the payouts are less frequent.

Medium volatility slots combine elements of Low and High and offers wins that vary in size. In other words, you’ll have a fair number of smaller wins, but the larger wins will also be more frequent.

Volatility is similar to RTP as they both measure wins over the long term. But volatility has to be taken into account when working with a Bankroll Management strategy - even if you know that your chosen slot pays out 97% in the long term, that information is only useful if you're able to play for that long!


Infographic - What is Slot volatility?

What is Slot volatility?


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What kind of player are you?

When it comes to Slots, we’re all different – some of us are patient and happy to wait for the bigger pay outs, others enjoy the thrill of small, frequent wins that keeps us spinning the reels! Most of us are probably in the middle. Radiant Star is designed to cater for everybody!

I want frequent small wins – play Low Volatility Slots

I’m patient and happy to keep spinning until I get the bigger wins – play High Volatility Slots

I don’t mind waiting a little longer for wins, but don’t want to miss the chance of a Jackpot – play Medium Volatility Slots


How to Identify a Low Volatility Slot

The best way to identify a low volatility slot is to check out the Pay Table and look at the amounts you can win for combinations involving three, four and five symbols - focus on the higher value symbols. Most low volatility slots don’t increase payouts massively when four and five symbol combinations appear.

Playing for a short time will also give you a sense of the volatility. If you get a decent number of small wins it’s probably low volatility.

Also, if you get a bonus feature, and the winnings are a bit ‘meh’(!), that will be another clue!


Key Indicators of a Low Volatility Slot

  1. Small wins on high value symbols
  2. Frequent, but small wins
  3. Small wins on bonus rounds


Should I Play Low Volatility Slots?

Yes, if you love bonus features! Low Volatility Slots have a ton of action on their reels and provide great entertainment - especially with the activation of bonus games, free spins, and the larger win combinations when they come.

Blood Suckers from NetEnt is a perfect example of a low volatility video slot and you can play it here at Radiant Star Casino along with many more such as Butterfly Staxx and Wild Scarabs.


How to identify a Medium Volatility Slot

As with Low Volatility, the Pay Table gives you a clue - a medium volatility slot will award very different amounts for three, four and five symbol combinations.

Also, if you find the range of wins is decent and they’re not all just smaller amounts, that’s another good indicator that you’re playing a medium volatility game.


Key Indicators of a Medium Volatility Slot

  1. Wide variety of payouts on symbol combinations
  2. Moderately frequent wins, of varying sizes


Should I Play Medium Volatility Slots?

Definitely! These games are great for all player types as they offer a fair percentage of winnings, features, and entertainment value.

Starburst is the most popular and famous medium volatility slot, but at Radiant Star we have many more that are worth looking at, including Age of Asgard, Aloha!, Age of Egypt, Bust the Bank, Legacy of the Wild 2, Mustang Gold, Spina Colada and 5 Lions Dance.


How to identify a High Volatility Slot

Once again, you need to look at the Pay Table! If the amounts you can win for 3, 4 and 5 symbol combinations are much higher, the odds are good that this is a higher volatility slot.

If you’re playing a slot and the wins seem frustratingly far apart, but satisfyingly big when they come in, you’re on a High Volatility game!


Key Indicators of a High Volatility Slot

  1. Large value wins on symbol combinations
  2. Significantly increased wins on 3, 4 and 5 symbol combinations
  3. Infrequent wins, but large payouts 


Should I Play High Volatility Slots?

High Volatility Slots are really for players with a bigger bankroll, as triggering the larger wins takes time. If you’re a low or medium roller who doesn’t want to risk spending a lot, even if you could win more, you should probably stay away!

But if you’re patient and have the funds to allow you to stay in the game for longer, these will be right up your street!

If this is you, Radiant Star has a number of well-known high volatility slots, including Break Da Bank Again, Winterberries and the excellent Mega Pyramid from Red Tiger Gaming which offers lots of great features.


Choosing your Perfect Slot – summary

The above should have given you a good idea of what kind of player you are and which type of slots games you’ll prefer.

Why not try out our suggestions and see if you agree?! If not, maybe try a different level of volatility and see if that suits you better.

Radiant Star has over 1,900 slots of all three Volatilities so you’re guaranteed to find a range of slots that you’ll keep coming back to again and again. As you play, we’ll automatically add them to your ‘My Faves’ tab so you can find them as soon as you log in to play!

We've also written some handy guides to help you choose based on certain themes that you may enjoy. Check out these slots:


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