The easiest online slots to play

At Radiant Star Casino, we believe slots should be entertaining, exciting, and easy to play. With such a diverse selection of slots, anyone new to playing online slots may find it challenging to find the perfect introductory slot. When you consider there are literally thousands at your disposal, offering almost every genre and style of theme, this becomes even more difficult.

One of the most appealing aspects of playing slots is the simplicity involved and the relaxation that comes from sitting back and not strategizing. This has resulted in slots beoming by far the most popular games you can play at an online casino. Along with offering a higher than average RTP (Return to player ratio), the only strategy needed is to choose a slot that is appealing, decide what coin size to play and spin the reels.

In honour of the slot diversity that Radiant Star Casino offers, we felt it appropriate to put together a list of the easiest slot games to start playing. While some are in their most basic form, others have been chosen based on the entertainment value they deliver, both terms of both payout potential and animated special effects.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Classic Slots

The easiest slots to play fall under the “Classic slot” category. Known for their 3 reel, single payline combination, they are easy to play and understand. Moreover, classic slots generally locate the paytable above the reels and therefore do not require your having to go in search of information relating to payouts and bonus features.

In addition to the simple style of play, the coin sizes are also simplified, often offering only a handful of choices. This is ideal for first time slot players as it allows them to choose a bet limit that gives them time to explore and familiarize themselves with how slots work. Furthermore, the classics are more than capable of delivering a highly entertaining experience due to their creative themes and liberal payouts.

In honour of the classics, here are a few examples you can consider:


Flaming Fruit

Flaming Fruit 3 Reel Slot

Flaming Fruit is the perfect example of a classic slot featuring three reels and five paylines, its winning combinations are easy to follow. More importantly, it offers a combination of fruits, red 7’s and bar symbols and a max payout of 64x your bet. Powered by Tom Horn Gaming, it features an appealing appearance and simple graphics.

Play Flaming Fruit now!


Triple Joker$

Triple Joker$ 3 Reel Slot

Triple Joker$ is another Pragmatic Play that fits the definition as a classic slot. With a conveniently located paytable to the left of the reels, it offers a classic three reel, five payline combination that features the joker as its wild symbol. With classic slot sounds and graphics, it is slotting at its simplest and returns an average RTP of 96.47%.

Play Triple Joker$ now!


Master Joker

Master Joker 3 Reel Slot

Master Joker is a classic slot from Pragmatic Play with a different twist, one that uses a single payline and simplified graphics. As this classic is slightly more advanced, it incorporates a wild symbol and multiple reel. When three or more symbols appear in conjunction with a wild symbol, the multiplier wheel is activated allowing for the chance to multiply wins by up to 100x. With a 96.46% RTP, it is perfect for the beginner.

Play Master Joker now!


Video Slots

Video slots, by definition, are as diverse as they come in relation to their complexity and, likewise, their simplicity. These are also the most common slots you will encounter at Radiant Star Casino, as they offer greater flexibility. As a result of the increase in design flexibility, video slots feature a wide range of options in relation to paylines and bonus features.

While video slots may be more diverse, they remain easy to play and follow the same principles in gameplay as classic slots. However, the big difference comes in their paytables, their increase in winning combinations, increase in symbols and the introduction of bonus features such as wilds and scatters.

As we did for the classics, we have included a sample of video slots we feel are perfect for players wanting to up their game.


5 Reel Drive

5 Reel Drive 3 Reel Slot

By definition, 5 Reel Drive is a perfect example of a classic video slot that introduces additional paylines while staying true to the simple side of playing slots. Based on that, it pays homage to cars, trucks and fast food, 5 Reel Drive offers a wild symbol and scatter and a maximum payout of 10,000x the bet.

Play 5 Reel Drive now!


Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf 3 Reel Slot

Anyone who enjoys the timeless classic of the three piggies will enjoy this Quickspin video slot and its take on the classic childhood story. This slot is slightly more advanced as it introduces free spins and combined it with a wild symbol and free spin multiplier. Of course, as a more advanced video slot, it adds animation into the mix for increased entertainment value.

Play Big Bad Wolf now!


Drive: Multiplier Mayhem

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem 3 Reel Slot

p>Drive: Multiplier Mayhem, a video slot from NetEnt, takes slotting to new heights and is one that will open a world of entertainment for those new to playing slots. Featuring advanced graphics and sounds, it takes you into the heart of street racing and incorporates free spins, multiplier wilds and the chance to win up to 750,000 coins.

Play Drive: Multiplier Mayhem now!



While there are hundreds of video slots in our repertoire at Radiant Star, those we have highlighted for you are perfect for slotting newcomers. Not only will they provide you the perfect introduction to online slots, but they will keep you entertained, which is exactly their purpose.

So, take a look at the examples we mentioned above and see for yourself how playing slots online is an easy and uncomplicated experience.

See you there!